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The RB26DETT. An engine of much myth. We are going to try and set out some truths. Remember to trust nothing you read on the internet, or is it trust everything that you read on the internet?

    • Rated at 280 hp stock from 1989-2002
    • Inline 6
    • Iron block
    • Aluminum head
      • 24 valve
    • 2568cc of displacement
    • 86mm bore x 73.7mm stroke
    • Twin turbo
    • Individual throttle bodies - thats six in groups of 2
    • Coil on plug ignition
    • Interference engine
Stock R32 Dyno chart
R34 - Nissan Skyline GT-R



Top of the motor
  • Valve/Cam covers
    • Aluminum.Black on R32/R33. Red on R34. Nur on the Nurs. Two
      breathers located at the back of the plenum. Drivers side goes to PCV
      valve. There is a crossover tube. Left side goes to the inlet
      side of the rear turbo. 
    • Spark plug cover
      • We like to leave them off to keep the coils cooler. The engine looks
        more finished with the spark plug cover. You know the piece. Says
        RB26DETT on it.
    • Front cover
      • The piece that says RB26. Covers the timing belt. Not recommended to leave off. Aluminum on R32/R33. Plastic on R34.
    • Igniter box
      • R32/R33 located at the back of the spark plug cover. Igniters are build into the coils in the R34.
    • Coils
    • Coil on plug. R32/R33 are the same.
      • The front two coils on a early 90's Infiniti Q45 are the same 
    •  R34s have the igniter built in. 
    • RB26 coils or coil packs
  • Spark Plugs
    • PFR6A-11 are the stock plugs
      • Heat range 6
      • 1.1 mm gap
    • NGK are the best plugs
      • BCPR7EIX are one heat range cooler and iridium
  • Camshafts
    • Intake 8.58 240 duration 113 deg Lobe Center -R34N1 117 deg Lobe Center
    • Exhaust 8.28 236 duration 125 deg Lobe Center-R33N1 120 deg Lobe Center - R34N1 121 deg
  • Valves
    • Intake 34.5 mm
    • Exhaust 30 mm(sodium filled)
  • Head bolts
    • (14) 12 mm head bolts
  • Head
    • 4 valves per cylinder
    •  Twin cam
    •  Cam on bucket
    •  Shim under bucket adjustment
  • Head gasket


RB26 combustion chamber

Induction side
    • Lean cylinder is #6.
  • Throttle body
    • 6 individual throttle bodies. Cars have done over 1000 whp on stock throttle bodies.
  • Balance tube
    • Vacuum/boost and water pass though the balance tube

Exhaust side
  • Exhaust manifold
      • Stock
      • N1
Stock manifold on left, Modified N1 on the right


Bottom end of the motor

  • Pistons
    • 86mm. Stock pistons are oil cooled.
      •  1.5 mm top ring, 1.5 mm 2nd ring. 
    • N1 has 1.2 mm top and 2nd ring
  • Rods
    • 121.5mm center to center. 
    • RB28's have 119.5 c-c except in a GT block(RRR)
  • Oil squirters
  • Crankshaft
  • Main cap/girdle
    • Seven main bearings. 
      • #4 being the center main bearing and containing the thrust bearing. 
    • The other six main bearings are all the same construction.
    • Bottom end of the RB26 showing the main girdle
  • Oil pan
    • Cast aluminum
    • Contains the front differential
The front differental is on the right side of this picture

    • 05U on the side. A standard block.
    • 24U on the side. An N1 block
    • RRR on the side .GT Block . That one is special
    • RB30
    • RD28
  • Water pump
    • Stock
    • N1 
      Far pump is N1, close is normal. Notice the N1 backing plate  
Engine Control Unit


  • Inlet piping
Divided twin turbo pipe
    • Rear inlet piping collapses under boost.Replacing it with hardpipe is recommended.
  • Intercooler
    • Stock intercooler will provide better response to approximately 600 wheel horsepower.

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